Songjiang 5 Dragon Park,Shanghai

Shopping Mall

The design concept for Songjiang D5 Park was inspired by this heritage of profound historical importance. The project is located at the intersection of Guang Fu Lin Road and Guang Xing Road, within a few kilometers away from Guangfulin Relics Park. Leveraging on its excellent geographical location, the project was defined as a community shopping center, comprising of a supermarket, food and beverage, kids-related brands and retail.


Inspired by Deyun Lu’s poetry from Ming dynasty “The Ten Scenes of Guangfulin”, Arvenchi focuses on the theme of the most natural elements: MOUNTAIN, WATER and FOREST. By combining with the modern characteristics of architecture, Arvenchi intends to create a concise concept, of mountainous, the soft and rich water and the green scene of forest.

Project Details

Work Scope: Interior Design, Signage Design, Retail Consulting

Client: Songjiang New City Ecological Business Development Co.,Ltd

Year: 2016-2017

Location: Shanghai, China

Scale: 36,000 sqm