Alan Wong's Shanghai

Award-winning Project -

2016 APDC Awards

Hawaii is more than just surfing, hula skirts and tiki heads.


In our quest to build the perfect Hawaiian restaurant for Alan Wong, Arvenchi Design started by looking for the authentic heart to everything Hawaiian, and Chef Wong became our perfect guide. Together, Arvenchi Design and Alan Wong want people to experience “A day in Hawaii” when they visit Alan Wong’s Shanghai. A day in Hawaii begins with “Sunrise, sunset and stars above. From land, water, and the waves between, we bring you to our Ohana, our Hawaiian family.”

Just as Alan Wong brings Hawaiian flavors and smells to your mouth, Alan Wong’s Shanghai’s restaurant brings the unique Hawaiian vibes. Designed after “A day in Hawaii”, Arvenchi and Alan Wong sought after an authentic Hawaiian experience, while also incorporating environmental design.

Project Details

Work Scope: Interior Design

Client: Tama Food International 

Year: 2015-2016

Location: Shanghai, China

Scale: 1,000 sqm