Pingxiang Rainbow Shopping Mall


Arvenchi Design is proud to be one of the finalists to present the Interior concept design for Rainbow Pingxiang Shopping Center. The project is located at the center of Pingxiang city and enjoys a large volume of local high-end customers brought by a successful high-end residential Phoenix Villa. Based on the context of the project, our design goal is to create a large scale sharing life shopping center.


The inspiration of our design is derived from the local Nuphar pumila and landscape pictures. These unique qualities bring up an idea of sharing the beautiful things, like the Rainbow. By designing the setback Atrium space and scattered bridges, we make the architecture a shared visual space. By combining the intermittent fountain stage on the 1st floor and the bridged stage on the 2nd and 3rd floor, together to forma three-dimensional dynamic space for event holding, giving the customers intention of our designer also lies in the way that the exhibition area on each floor guides customer traffic along longitude layout. The local Nuphar pumila have been symbolized as one of the design elements to be imprinted on the hanging walls and columns. By using LED lighting control and Moore's theory, you can see the lush growth of  Nuphar pumila swinging with the waves, creating a sense of dynamic in a static space.

Our design concept of the boutique supermarket is Fresh Direct, derived from the concept of logistic. We believe that the strong logistic capability of Rainbow will guarantee the safety and freshness of all the goods and this belief also became our guiding line. The post-industrial style combined with strong concept guidance with become the best display space for Rainbow supermarket.The rooftop catering and entertainment space, named "SKY FOREST", is inspired by the skylight and the local 5 star tourism event "Wugong Mountain Tent Festival". It's a synergy of a series of symbiotic elements such as ancient trees, landing platform, swing chair, retro camping car and tent lamp, creating a nature, cozy and sought-after sky forest.

Project Details

Work Scope: Interior Concept Design

Client: Rainbow Department Store Co., Ltd

Year: 2016

Location: Pingxiang, Jiangxi, China

Scale: 80,000 sqm