Kizzkidz Kids Club, Guangzhou, China

Indoor kids club

Located in the 3rd floor of New Park shopping mall in Guangzhou, China, Kizzkidz Kids Club was soft opening on May this year. Kizzkidz Kids Club is the first large-scale indoor entertainment and catering party one stop parent-child kids club in south China. Arvenchi Design worked on the interior design, lighting design,graphic design and FF&E design for Kizzkidz. Kizzkidz’s name creation, logo, ip and product design etc were designed by a Hong Kong trendy brand “ACRTONG”.


With over 2,000 square meters area, the interior design theme was created as a kids “castle town”. Designers use a variety of playful design elements into the castle town, aiming to create an indoor kids club that integrates family, catering, education and entertainment together.


The main concept of kids’ castle town design is to create an environment of interior carnival for children age to blend in to the story of our main characters of our castle town, the king, the queen, the prince, the princess, the pussy cat and our hero big bear.

The interior carnival space divide up to 15 zones, our volcano sand pool area, the ferry wheel small kids slide area, the funny building rock climbing area, the air balloon reading area, the poker castle storage area, the character themed training room area, kizzkidz café restaurant area, the jumping pad shooting area, the space shuttle dark room area, our main building theme stage area, the prince and princess cosplay area, kids’ building rope climbing area, the small town shop area (hospital, kids restaurant, post office, tv station and public market), the feature castle slide ball pool area and our feature wooden horse slide area.

Project Details

Work Scope: Interior, graphic and lighting design

Client: Kizzkidz Guangzhou

Year: 2019

Location:L307, 3F New Park Shopping Mall, Guangzhou, China

Scale: appr.2,000sqm

Status: Completed