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Congratulations to the soft opening of Kizzkidz Kids Club Guangzhou Store 祝贺Kizzkidz亲儿堡室内儿童乐园广州店盛大开业


Located in the 3rd floor of New Park shopping mall in Guangzhou, China, Kizzkidz Kids Club was soft opening on May this year. Kizzkidz Kids Club is the first large-scale indoor entertainment and catering party one stop parent-child kids club in south China. Arvenchi Design worked on the interior design, lighting design,graphic design and FF&E design for Kizzkidz. Kizzkidz’s name creation, logo, ip and product design etc were designed by a Hong Kong trendy brand “ACRTONG”.

Kizzkidz亲儿堡室内儿童乐园,位于广州市白云区岭南新世界云门商场三楼,已于5月份开始试营业。作为华南首家大型室内游乐与餐饮派对一站式亲子乐园,亚为旗设计为本项目提供了室内设计、灯光设计,图案设计及软装设计等服务;香港新兴潮流玩具品牌 “亚铜创玩” 为其提供了品牌名字、IP形象、商标创作设计、产品设计等服务。

With over 2,000 square meters area, the interior design theme was created as a kids “castle town”. Designers use a variety of playful design elements into the castle town, aiming to create an indoor kids club that integrates family, catering, education and entertainment together.


The main concept of kids’ castle town design is to create an environment of interior carnival for children age to blend in to the story of our main characters of our castle town, the king, the queen, the prince, the princess, the pussy cat and our hero big bear.


At the main entrance, the ticket booth is design to be a carnival ticket station where the train above the ticket booth willkeep circling around to draw attention. The usage of color of combination with blue, red and yellow and a white castle brick wall with “kizzkidz” main logo on it. The European style stand alone clock and street light fixture on left and right of the main counter booth add a touch feeling of the antique style European castle town.

主入口处,售票柜台被设计成了一个嘉年华售票站,上方还有一辆小火车不停盘旋,充满童趣。柜台后方,亲儿堡的logo “Kizzkidz” 嵌入在了城堡砖墙上,同时,一台欧式风格的立式时钟与两根街灯灯柱矗立在了柜台两侧,让人如同进入了一座欧式城堡小镇。而粉蓝、正红、嫩黄、纯白等颜色的运用,既契合了复古城堡的概念主题,又渲染了童真氛围,吸引住了所有人的目光。

The interior carnival space divide up to 15 zones, our volcano sand pool area, the ferry wheel small kids slide area, the funny building rock climbing area, the air balloon reading area, the poker castle storage area, the character themed training room area, kizzkidz café restaurant area, the jumping pad shooting area, the space shuttle dark room area, our main building theme stage area, the prince and princess cosplay area, kids’ building rope climbing area, the small town shop area (hospital, kids restaurant, post office, tv station and public market), the feature castle slide ball pool area and our feature wooden horse slide area.

整个空间被设计划分成15个区域,分别为火山沙池、摩天轮幼童滑梯区、趣怪房子攀岩区、气球阅读区、扑克城堡储物间、城堡人物培训室、kizzkidz café餐厅区、蹦床区、航天局&太空游戏房、城堡建筑舞台、角色扮演换装区、儿童城堡爬网区、小镇商铺区(医院、儿童餐厅、邮局、电视台和公共市场等),特色城堡球池区,以及木马滑梯。

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