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Xiamen Dreams On Shopping Mall Grand Opening 厦门君尚广场盛大开业


Arvenchi is delighted to announce that Xiamen Dreams On Shopping Mall has celebrated its grand opening today. Arvenchi Design was appointed as the designer for 3rd Floor Dreams On Kids Zone and Rooftop Garden.


The mall is 81,860 square meters, located at No.1803 East Ring Road. Xiamen Dreams On Shopping Mall is a high-end shopping mall, which integrates shopping, leisure, dining and entertainment.


Kids Zone is one of the main feature areas within the mall. Strategically following the main idea of coastal city Xiamen, Arvenchi’s conceptual design for the Kids Zone has drawn on the idea of interaction, enjoyable and shareable Kids World. Arvenchi creates a “One Ocean” experience framed by Ocean waves elements, the interesting ceiling design and rich colors throughout the interiors. The design was intended to promote engagement and interaction of the retail space, providing a fun and exploration, and engages with Children.


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